The Importance of Ice

Is ice good for acne? Does hot water open pores? You may be surprised by the answers. A lot of people have heard myths about ice for acne treatments and other skin care solutions. Unfortunately, this results in a lot of wrong treatments for skin.

Find the truth about treating acne with ice from certified-para medical esthetician Barbara Strickland, including answers to common questions about remedies for acne and other skin concerns.

Truth: Cold or ice causes the skin to compact or get "thinner."
I advise all of my clients to ice twice daily after Corrective Grains and Facial Shampoo because it reduces swelling and inflammation and allows your products to penetrate more quickly and give you faster and better results.
When you ICE lesions or areas which are covered with Zits, these areas shrink slightly in size ALLOWING products like Miracle Zit. Fix Zit, Zit Zapper, MSSR Liquid, Smoothing, Firming & Brightening Creme, Smoothing Gel w/ AH8, Masks, & Brightening Products, Retina Micro, Renova, and Avita to work quickly at minimizing and eradicating these lesions. Keep these products in the refrigerator because they also work more quickly when cold.
Ice your face with our fabulous Re-Usable Ice Cubes for one minute before applying your products. A physician would have you do this for a sprain, burn or bruise to reduce swelling and irritation.
False: Hot water opens pores and Cold water closes pores. (How many times did your mother tell you that one?)
True: Pores have no muscles and do not open and close.
Behind every old wife's tale is a grain of truth.
Heat and humidity (St. Louis has the second highest rating in the U.S.) causes acne flare-ups because the skin "swells" from the cardiovascular system kicking in. When you get hot or exercise, two things happen at once. Your skin swells from the freshly oxygenated blood sent to the surface to feed the muscles that are "working" and then you start to perspire producing acids and salts to "cool" the body off. This combination of swelling skin with acids and salts irritates and dries the skin and can cause ZITS to get worse and become larger. (In Vietnam, many soldiers had acne flare-ups on their entire bodies because of the heat and humidity.)
Individuals who have a phone pressed up against their face all day long (Telephone Acne), get acne on the chin and sides of the face. If you wear sports glasses, helmets, hats, or headbands while doing physical activities you will get zits around the eyes, hairline, or forehead. Physicians, nurses, and dental technicians who wear face masks get more lesions around their mouths, chins, and lower cheeks. Heat, humidity, exercise, and perspiration can cause dryness and irritation in the very areas that have acne. It is very important to use a Cool It Bag when doing any sport or when exposed to heat and humidity.
When you find yourself outside in the heat and humidity, playing golf or tennis, swimming or working out, carry a COOL IT BAG filled with a cold, wet towel, ice cubes, and water. Several times during the activity (when you have a break) wipe down your face, neck, and chest with the cold, wet towel and reapply your SPF 27. It feels great, is totally refreshing, and removes the excess salts and acids (from perspiration) that dry and irritate the skin. This calms the skin, reducing swelling, irritation, dryness, and inflammation.
Cleanse your skin with Facial Shampoo and cool water as soon as you are finished with your activity to remove salts, perspiration, grime, and dryness. Use Gelloid Mask or Moisture Whip Smoother immediately to replace moisture loss and to re-hydrate the skin. Leave on for as little as 5 minutes or until absorbed. Reapply your SPF 27 or SPF 40, and if needed, Hydrating Emulsion moisturizer to keep your skin glowing.
Be sure to get a Moisture Replacement Facial at least once a month during the summer and/or have a series of peels so that no residue of dead skin, oil, irritation, or dryness interferes with a glowing complexion.
Always wear a hat to keep direct sunlight off of your face. This is especially important for those who have just had plastic surgery or laser treatments. Never use a sun tanning bed to get a base tan or any additional color. They cause discoloration, skin cancer, and wrinkles. For those of you with oily skin, use Biological Redefining Mask or MSSR Redefinition Mask at least three times a week during the summer months for oil-free skin. Adjust your products for the summer. You may only need your SPF 27 or 40 and Smoothing, Firming & Brightening Creme or Smoothing Gel w/AH8 for moisture for the hot and humid months. If you do use Gelloid or Emulsion, these formulas may need to be lighter.
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