Banish Acne Once and For All

Acne sucks. Anyone who's suffered from regular and persistent breakouts can tell you just how much (hint: A LOT). The good news is there are ways to completely get rid of your acne, once and for all. Education, expertise and the right tools are all you need. The tools (products) listed herein are scientifically backed and developed by our very own Para-Medical Esthetician which have been proven to drastically improve how you feel and look in your own skin.

Para-Medical Esthetician and skin care educator Barbara Strickland knows, after 33 years of experience and working with clients all over the world, that regular acne doesn't just affect one's skin — it also has a major effect on one's self-esteem as well. 

Most of us don't need an esthetician or skin care expert to tell us how self-conscious a breakout can make us feel. It can be the difference between leaving the house feeling confident and wanting to hide inside all day. Plus, breakouts can make what would otherwise be fun and enjoyable moments feel overshadowed by insecurity.

Basically, acne can have a major effect on our lives, which is why getting it under control with actual scientifically proven products can make such a difference to our quality of life. If you've been frustrated with acne or persistent breakouts, here are 6 tips and 10 tried and true products that should seriously help.


TIP 1 - Keep Your Brushes Clean

Your makeup brushes may be the culprit of your recent breakout. Clean your brushes every other day with our gentle facial shampoo, laying them flat to dry. If you have oily skin you may want to wash them more frequently.

TIP 2 - Up Your Water Intake

Drinking water helps to flush out the toxins in your body, so boost your water intake and have a look at the foods you are eating. Remember, you should be having at least 8 large glasses of water every day. Minimise your intake of fizzy, sugary and high caffeinated drinks. Also, look at switching to herbal teas, especially green tea! Keep a food diary and see if you can pinpoint what food groups cause your skin to break out, for example, if you consume a lot of dairy and breakout, you could have a form of lactose intolerance, affecting your digestion.

TIP 3 - Do Not Eat Late at Night

Studies have shown that the body’s metabolism starts to slow down into the evening, preparing for the night's rest. Try to avoid eating late at night; especially right before bedtime as your body will not break down the food nor assimilate nutrients as effectively which leads to toxin build up. The body will also be focusing on digesting food rather than resting as you sleep therefore leading to feeling groggy and tired the following day. Your biggest meal of the day should be in the afternoon when your digestive fire is at it's strongest. Always eat your evening meal, at least three hours before bedtime.

TIP 4 - Clean Your Cell Phone

Breakouts on the cheeks can be caused by a number of things. Two most common are caused by the germs on your cell phone and your pillow case. If you sleep on the side of your face or use a mobile phone, the germs and dirt can be transferred and will clog your pores, causing breakouts. To prevent this, change your pillowcase at least once a week and wipe down your phone with an antibacterial wipe every few days.

TIP 5 - Prepare for Hormonal Changes

Many women break out by their chin and mouth around that time of the month. This area is related to your hormones, so any sudden changes or hormonal imbalances can cause breakouts here. These tend to appear a few days before your period and clear up once your period is over. It can be tempting to pick them but don’t! Chart your cycle on your calendar and several days prior to your start date begin to apply Fix Zit or Miracle Zit to this area in the evenings. This will help in preventing those pesky breakouts altogether.

TIP 6 - Chill Out

Breakouts on the neck, chest and back are commonly caused by stress. Practicing stress-relieving activities such as yoga, meditation and certain writing methods have been shown to control, de-stress and reduce breakouts in this area. So find a stress relieving activity and commit to at least 10-20 min twice per day.



Corrective Beads

Exfoliating your skin will gently remove bacteria, oil and dead skin cells from your skin.  Our Corrective Beads exfoliate your skin giving you 25% improvement in color and texture. Unlike some exfoliants, they are safe for all skin types including sensitive skin.  

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Facial Shampoo.jpg

Facial Shampoo

Remove all waterproof mascara and makeup without leaving residue behind with our Facial Shampoo. With a pea sized amount of Facial Shampoo, add water and massage gently to clean your face, eyes and neck leaving your skin soft, supple and clean.

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SPF 27 Suncreen

To prevent sun damage, skin cancer and signs of aging, use our top quality SPF 27 Sunscreen.  Our sunscreen is light on the skin and made with the best quality ingredients to protect your skin from UV rays.

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Miracle Zit

Fix Zit and Miracle Zit both come in four different strengths of Benzoyl Peroxide for your various needs.   Particular areas of your face or body and different types of zits may require different treatments.  Fix Zit is a kinder, gentler version of Miracle Zit.  It has the same ability to kill acne, but is not as irritating to sensitive skin.

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Fix Zit

Fix Zit and Miracle Zit both come in four different strengths of Benzoyl Peroxide for your various needs.   Particular areas of your face or body and different types of zits may require different treatments.  Fix Zit is a kinder, gentler version of Miracle Zit.  It has the same ability to kill acne, but is not as irritating to sensitive skin.

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Zit Zapper

For those of you that are sensitive to Benzoyl Peroxide, our non-photosensitive Zit Zapper is the perfect alternative for very sensitive and/or very oily skin; awarding victory over the acne battle!  This Alpha Hydroxy and Salicylic Acid formula remove zits without irritation, redness, flaking or peeling and will give you a smooth, flawless and glowing complexion.  This is a major tool in the acne fighting arsenal!

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Smoothing Gel AH-8

Our version of Smoothing, Firming & Brightening Crème for oily skin.  As far as we know, there is no other anti-aging product out there for acne/oily skin types.  Made with 20% Glycolic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamins A & C, and the new skin plumping peptide-Argireline.  (For more information see CLINICAL RESULTS and TECHNOLOGY tables below).  Our product contains 10% Acetyl Hexapeptide 8 (double the industry standard) to prevent and combat the signs of aging!

This unique gel is suited for very oily and/or acne-prone skin.  Smoothing Gel –AH8 minimizes fine lines, acne lesions, wrinkles, discoloration, enlarged pores and eliminates oil & bacteria from the skin!

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MSSR Liquid

A non-photosensitive, BHA (Salicylic Acid) based liquid which removes redness and irritation from the skin.  It is especially good for those who have dry, flaky, or irritated skin and works very well to remove the oilies from oily skin.  It works to prevent and remove all kinds of zits including ‘Big Mothers’ and ‘Waxy Worms’ without irritating or over-drying your skin!

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Biological Redefining Mask

This ultra-creamy clay mask (designed for oily skin), is remarkable in its ability to effectively remove oil, dead skin, blackheads and clearing clogged pores.  This is a must for everyone who wants clear, glowing, and breathtaking skin.

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Hydrocort Cream

Rx: For the temporary relief of itching associated with minor skin irritations.  This soothing cream calms red, itchy, flaky or burning skin irritations and won’t break you out!  Great for Rosacea, excessive exposure to Fix Zit, Miracle Zit, At Home Peels and Micro Peels.  Also, works well when applied after waxing or shaving to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn.

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Try Me Packs

Includes 2oz Sizes of the Following: Corrective Beads, Facial Shampoo, SPF 27, MSSR Liquid, Fix or Miracle Zit, and Biological Redefining Mask

Acne / Normal Skin


Acne / Oily Skin


*Limit 1 Try Me Pack Per New Sager

Three items are needed for smooth, flawless and glowing skin: education, expertise, and the proper tools to accomplish your goals. Many product lines include only two or three items in their try me packs. When your goals are not reached you are asked to purchase additional products or add to the items you have. At Sage, we have included everything you need in one package to reach your goals and the entire procedure takes only five minutes from start to finish.

Glowing Skin Is Just Moments Away!

Enclosed is everything you need to begin clearing your acne or the occasional zit. Within 24-48 hours your skin will look and feel fresh, clean, and less dry. Your zits will begin to disappear! The steps you follow when using your Dry/Normal Skin Try Me Pack is just as important as the ingredients we have custom blended for your skin and your particular conditions. You are on your way to smooth, supple, and glowing skin.

Remember, should you ever have a question or concerns about your skin or your products, please feel free contact me at your convenience.  We are here to help you look wonderful.

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You will be provided time during your consultation to ask questions on any concerns you may have about your skin, products, allergies, medications, aging skin, acne and Rosacea. In addition, you will be given written instructions about your skin and its specific conditions upon completion of your consultation. You have access to additional questions directly with Barbara, by contacting her at 


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